Women in Raku


Women in Raku” is the title of the exhibition by the ceramic sculptor Laura Ottolini which takes place in the fascinating Hall of Dreams in Palazzo Carlotti in Caprino Veronese.

Laura's research is intense and profound, which is based on the ability to combine technical expertise, increased by continuous study and practice, with due attention to volumetric values ​​and decoration, aimed at re-proposing the human in all its substance. of body and soul.
A study that focuses and materializes in figures, faces and bodies that represent the breath of the spirit, the glow of the artist's idea and feeling, because modeling, shaping, basically means infusing oneself into the material that will remain modified for always.
The material chosen by Laura is a particular heat-resistant clay which then allows her, in the finish, to use a process linked to the ancient Japanese culture called Raku, which determines iridescent metallic effects on the surfaces.
If these decorative outcomes arise from an oriental practice, the plastic style is certainly the result of Western culture (of a particular sensitivity that brings it closer to freedom): the material appears clearly subject to form, to be resolved into female figures, full of strong sensuality, which we could also define symbols in the form of figures. The works related to the theme of dance, motherhood and women in general are a concrete example.

The exhibition is set up in the Sala dei Sogni, a place already fascinating in itself, where the sculptures are placed, in an admirable intertwining of relationships, with the telamons and caryatids frescoed - by Michelangelo Prunati in the early decades of the eighteenth century - on the walls . The intention of the curators (cultural group of the Pro Loco) was, in fact, to ideally connect the figures of the present (about twenty sculptures by Laura) with the decoration of the place that opens up in an evocative dialogue that evokes the silence of a contemplation.

Claudio Facchinetti