C10 – Spiazzi/Croce/Santuario della Corona

A way to discover the origins of the devotion of the Madonna della Corona. View of Lake Garda, Monte Baldo and Valdadige. A beautiful view.
Must see
The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona, The Village with its characteristic wooden houses, the Croce contrada, the original core of Spiazzi.
Maximum altitude: 924 m
Difference in altitude: 125 m
Distance: 3,5 km
Time: Feet: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Il Percorso




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You start from the Don Luigi Vezzola square, crossing the passage between the Albergo Corona and the restaurant next, you reach Strada Graziani. Go down to the left, about ten meters on the right you will find the small road that passes through the houses and takes the path which leads to the village with its typical wooden buildings. At the crossroad, keep right where the path climbs and leads to the Croce contrada, the oldest historical center of Spiazzi.


Wooden buildings


Croce contrada

Some people believe that in the early Middle Ages the Cross was a monastery. The fact is that the reports of visitors to the Mt Baldo between the 1500s and 1600s, when they come to touch these places, speak of the Marian Shrine of the Crown and only mention the town of the Crosatti, historical family of the area as a hostel. Towards the end of the nineteenth century the center of the village was the Cross also called the little Paris, as it was equipped with a tavern (at the Lampione), accommodation, landlords, a private elementary school and also a station of the financial police whose barracks were located in the court. About a hundred people lived there, some workshops with about twenty workers of religious objects in bone, the raw material was ox shanks worked with the help of the file and the lathe, an artisan activity that remained active until the early decades of the twentieth century. The court was originally closed with four protective doors, “Porta Viveri” – Porta Lupi or Viandanti – Porta Latrine and Porta Morti from where you reached the Cemetery of Ferrara.


Porta viveri

Leaving Porta continue on the path with a fence, this is a panoramic point where you can admire the Lessini Mountains, Corno D’Aquilio, Fosse, Erbezzo from left to right; in the center the Lagarina valley, Monte Cimo and the village of Spiazzi, the Po valley, Lake Garda and Monte Baldo.


Panoramic point


Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona

Suspended between heaven and earth, from the 16th century sanctuary you can have an extraordinary view of the Valdadige. Go back, keep left to the starting point in the small square of Spiazzi.