C11 – Spiazzi/Coalini/Omaner

A path between rural mountains courts, cherry trees and vineyards and the woods in the upper Tasso valley. View of Lake Garda and Monte Baldo.
Must see
The woods in the upper valley of the Tasso stream, the rural mountain resorts: Coliel, Coalini, Omaner and Coltri.
Maximum altitude: 883 m
Difference in altitude: 308 m
Distance: 8,3 km
Time: Feet: 3 hours
Il Percorso




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It starts from the small square Don Luigi Vezzola then, crossed the passage between the Osteria all’Italia and the restaurant on the right, going down a staircase you reach the Graziani road and, keeping to the left, after about ten meters, there is a small road on the right that passes through the houses that leads to the locality called Village. We follow the signs to the right for locality Coliel, arriving on the paved road on the left after about ten meters take the first narrow road that goes down steeply to the right and, continuing, you find yourself crossing the stream, then you arrive in Coalini:


Coalini locality

This is a complex of houses equipped with a wash house, from which you can enjoy a view over the valley.


Wash house

Following the road we arrive at another village called Omaner characterized by the cultivation of cherries then, after the town, we keep left and go down the road that leads us to the provincial road near the Val della Scala bridge, here we turn all left and we continue in the valley of the stream with its waterfalls. Then we start a climb in the woods that we follow up to the first crossroads where we turn right and, continuing to the end of the path, we come out on a meadow which, after crossing it, takes us to the asphalted road.



Here we cross the path between the vineyards to the asphalted road, continue left to arrive under the town called Coltri:





Continuing on, you pass in front of the parish church dedicated to Sant’Antonio da Padova then, after the monument to the fallen of all wars, on the right we find the path already covered at the start.