C13 – Baldo Crossing

In the heart of the Mount Baldo: a great journey inside the “Hortus Europae” between breathtaking views of Lake Garda, mountain huts, plants and wild animals, a small journey through a large territory.
Must see
Malga Zocchi, Colonei di Caprino, Valfredda, Ime; church of S. Eurosia, Beata Vergine del Carmelo, of the Immaculate Conception, Caiar washhouse.
Maximum altitude: 1.377 m
Difference in altitude: 1.138m
Distance: 34,2 km
Feet: 13 hours - Bike: 4 hours
Il Percorso




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You start from the cemetery of Caprino Veronese, turn left and at the roundabout to the right take the cycle path next to the supermarket then, arrived in via I Maggio, continue to the intersection and then turn right. Continue along the sports area then, up to the capital and here you turn sharply to the left. At the intersection with the provincial road, turn right and then left, towards Caiar after a few tens of meters, an opening in the wall reveals a suggestive wash house.


Cometti wash house

Once in the town of Caiar, turn right and, passing the pink fountain, continue on the path that leads to the locality of San Michele. Climb up to the hamlet of Vilmezzano where the church of the Beata vergine del Carmelo is located, continue in the locality of Renzon and reach the locality of Braga where the church of the immaculate is located and where you can admire a spectacular panorama. Cross the town and continue for a few kilometers to Pradonego, then, after crossing the beech forest.


Padronego and the beech forest

You reach Malga Ime. After passing the hut, go up until you reach the plain of Malga Valfredda.


Malga Ime


Malga Valfredda Crocetta

Keeping the main road you arrive at the Colonei di Caprino.


Malga Colonei di Caprino

Continue on a pastoral road to the panoramic Malga Colonei di Pesina to reach Malga Zocchi through a beech forest.


Malga Zocchi

Continue to Due Pozze then turn left on the road to Naole.


Due Pozze

From the parking lot of two Pozze, go down for a few kilometers to the intersection with the provincial road along the road to Prada, turn left until you reach the town of Lumini.



Here you keep left towards Caprino V.se and, after a few kilometers, in the locality of Peagne, turn right into via Peagne di Sotto. The road becomes a path and upon reaching the asphalt, keep to the right towards the town of Rubiana.



Once arrived at the church of St. Eurosia, keep left and left again to get to the provincial road. At the intersection, continue left, pass in front of Palazzo Carlotti and then, continuing, to the starting point.