C15 – Ceredello/Bran

In the plain of Caprino Veronese, a wide view from Monte Baldo to Monte Moscal, the profile of the town of Pesina and the passing of the seasons in traditional crops.
Must see
Beginning of the ridge of Monte Baldo, Monte Belpo, Monte Bandiera, Monte Lenzino, Monte Luppia, plain of Caprino Veronese.
Maximum altitude: 248 m
Difference in altitude: 18m
Distance: 3 km
Time: Feet: 1 hour
Il Percorso




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It starts from the car park of the Ceredello playground. Ceredello is a small hamlet, once autonomous and today a fraction of the Municipality of Caprino Veronese. Its presence is attested at least from the mid-twelfth century, when at the end of the century the considerable properties that the Chapter of the cathedral of Verona had in place began to be documented. Take the first right and then turn right again at the intersection, on the cycle-pedestrian path. From here you have a broad view of the plain of Caprino Veronese which delimits the ridge of Monte Baldo to the south, visible to the north. Mount Belpo.


Ceredello playground

Take the cycle path that crosses the agricultural territory of the plain of Caprino, with cultivation of orchards, vines and pastures. On the right, during the course of the walk, a suggestive view of the mountain and the plain brings peace and a sense of peace, being immersed in nature. Immediately afterwards, to reinforce these sensations, there is a tree near a stream with lots of stones that seem to be a dam to the stream itself.


View from the cycle path

After these two points you are near the industrial area of Bran, where you can rest by sitting on the wooden benches.


Picnic area

On the right you can see the Bandiera, Lenzino and Luppia mountains overlooking Lake Garda. The plain offers an agricultural landscape where the cultivation of the vine prevails in particular for the production of Bardolino wine.


At the end of the path, turn left and follow the main road that bypasses Corte Bran. Built around the fifteenth century, represented on the tapestries visible in the Vatican Museums, Corte Bran was also the property of the Curia of Verona. Keep left and take the cycle path that runs alongside a wooded area until you reach the Ceredello di Ceredello playground, the starting point.


Path view