C5 – Pesina/Pazzon

The paths of the districts among ancient paths traveled in transhumance and in the pilgrimages where we find fountains, wash houses, mills, crosses, capitals and historic churches.
Must see
Oratory of San Rocco Pesina, Oratory of Sant’Eurosia, Washhouse of Gaon, Terre Rosse, Beata Vergine del Carmelo in Vilmezzano, Porcino, monumental plane tree.
Maximum altitude 778 m
Difference in altitude 478 m
Distance 28 km
Time: Walk: 7 hours Bike: 3 hours
Il Percorso




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Departure from the parking lot of the Caprino Veronese cemetery, from here you take the cycle path that runs along the south side of the cemetery enclosure. The cycle path crosses the nucleus of Ceredello, important for the church of Santa Cristina, of which the first evidence comes from a document of 1221.


Oratory of Santa Cristina

You arrive at the artisan area called Bran, at the end of this you turn right along the road called Circonvallazione-Bran then, continuing on via San Rocco, you reach the church of the same name.


The Oratory of San Rocco

The Oratory of San Rocco has been documented since at least 1523, continuing to the right on via Nogarole, you reach the town of Pesina. Here, just before the parish church of San Gallo, turn left and take via Castello. The route continues uphill until you reach the provincial via Lumini and, here, turn right, after a few hundred meters keep left to enter the hamlet of Rubiana where at a certain point you will find the church of Sant’Eurosia.

Oratory of Sant’Eurosia


The road returns to the main road and immediately afterwards on the left, take the dirt path that leads to Caforcon.


The path at some point becomes cobbled because you enter the core of Gaon


Gaon: Oratory of San Rocco and washhouse

with its historic town and wash houses but before entering the fabric of the town, turn left onto a steep road that leads through the area called Terre Rosse to reach Vilmezzano.


Vilmezzano: Church of Beata Vergine del Carmelo

The church of the Beata vergine del Carmelo known since the late 1400s, continue to the left of the church along the paved road until you reach the intersection with a capital. From here, keeping to the left and shortly after taking the road to the right, you reach the center of Braga with the church of the Immaculate Conception (6), from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Morainic amphitheater and Lake Garda.


Braga: panorama and Church of Immacolata

Continue climbing for a few hundred meters until you find a path in the woods on the right. From here the path begins to descend, passing through the towns of Omaner and Coalini, then it enters the woods again until it comes out on the provincial road. Keep left and after a few hundred meters, on the right, take another path that leads to the hamlets of Porcino.



and, further on, Platano with the tree that gives it its name.

Continuing after a few hundred meters, take the path on the right, then when you reach the town, turn left. After passing the sports fields area, turn left to the roundabout that takes the route back to the starting point.