C6 – Trambasore

The paths of the districts among ancient paths, the estates of the Chapter of the Cathedral of Verona, where we find crosses, capitals and historic churches and the view of the Morainic hills.
Must see
Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Church of Santa Cristina, Antonio Tinelli’s Cross, Ceredello, Monte Zovo, Trambasore, Morainic hills.
Maximum altitude: 254 m
Difference in altitude: 82 m
Distance: 7,6 km
Time: Feet: 2 hours Bike: 1 hour
Il Percorso




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You start from the Baita degli Alpini in via I Maggio, head south and take the cycle path in via A. De Gasperi then, arrived in via Saulieu, turn right and left at the roundabout until you reach the Caprino Veronese cemetery.

From here you take the cycle path that runs along the south side of the cemetery enclosure. The path runs along the Romanesque church of the Santo Sepolcro of the thirteenth century, which went through a series of vicissitudes but which is now quite well preserved and constitutes the Caprino Cemetery Chapel where the sculptural cycle of the “Lamentation over the dead Christ” was originally housed, currently in the museum at Palazzo Carlotti.


Church of the Santo Sepolcro and Lamentation over the dead Christ

The cycle path leads to Ceredello: a small hamlet, once autonomous and today a fraction of the Municipality of Caprino Veronese. Its presence is attested at least from the middle of the 12th century, when at the end of the century the considerable properties that the Chapter of the Cathedral of Verona had in place began to be documented.


Views from the cycle path and playground of Ceredello

Turning left to via Palazzo you pass in front of the Casa dei Canonici from which a cycle of frescoes with a hunting scene has been torn off, which constitutes a very important testimony, an iconographic unicum in the Veronese pictorial panorama of the late Middle Ages it is also exhibited in the museum of Palazzo Carlotti.


Continue towards the church of Santa Cristina of which the first evidence takes us back to the year 1221, when we talk about a church in Ceredello dedicated to S. Cristina, where a traditional fair was also held.


Oratory of Santa Cristina of Ceredello

From the church, keep left and continuing along via Pontara Croce, which takes its name from the marble cross of the eighteenth-century sculptor Antonio Tinelli. Going down for a hundred meters, take the road on the left to Casetta Cimi. Where a dirt path begins in the middle of nature.


Cross of Pontara Ceredello

Go up towards Monte Zovo then, turn left onto via Trambasore. You will reach a panoramic place called ‘’La Poltrona di Napoleone’’: the legends tell us that during the fight in Rivoli Napoleone Bonaparte was sitting on a rock in the shape of an armchair looking at the fight.


Morainic amphitheater panorama

Go up towards Monte Zovo then, turn left onto via Trambasore. You arrive at the panoramic area of the lawn of the so-called ” Napoleon’s Armchair ”: according to legend, it seems that during the battle of Rivoli Napoleon Bonaparte had witnessed the fighting sitting on a boulder in the shape of an armchair.



You descend along a path through a wood and arrive back to the asphalted area to then reach the Croce delle Acque by Antonio Tinelli.


Croce delle Acque

Returning to the initial path you return to the starting point.