C9 – Spiazzi/Trincee of Monte Cimo

A path that immediately shows the strategic value of the Cimo Grande: views of Lake Garda, Mount Baldo and Valdadige. A strategic point of view.
Must see
Trenches of the First World War, ammunition depots and casemates carved out of the rock, views of the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona, Lake Garda and Valdadige
Maximum altitude: 955 m
Difference in altitude: 73 m
Distance: 2,7 km
Time: Feet: 1 hour
Il Percorso




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Starting from the small square Don Luigi Vezzola in Spiazzi, take the road that runs along the left side of the church towards Maso, after about two hundred meters on the left the path of the trenches of Monte Cimo begins. Following the path, you arrive at a cave used as a deposit of ammunition and gunpowder:


Deposito of ammunition

Going on you find the first pitch where, on your left, you see the Madonna della Corona Sanctuary nestled in the rock:


Madonna della Corona Sanctuary

Continuing on the path you come to a white marble quarry, used in the early twentieth century to build the houses of the place. From here you see the Adige valley, the Lessini mountains and on your left the Orsa valley, deeply engraved river road, modeled by the glacial action, geological site, ravine, wells and glacial potholes.

              Valle dell’Orsa                                                                   Valle dell’Adige







In this valley, one of the most important sites in Europe, canyoning is practiced. Going up a small staircase, you enter the trench, the stones placed vertically to facilitate their construction and stability.



The path descends slightly entering cavities and small caves used as shelter by soldiers, a casemate used as guard post. You can also see large ammonites above.



Then you find a pitch exposed on the valley where you can see a military observatory; from the stone terrace you can see below a rock cliff recently equipped by a well-known local mountaineer. Arriving at the vineyard towards the southeast you can see the Forte Cimo Grande, built between 1884 and 1913 by the Italians, it had four 149/35 cannons in an armored tower and a retractable observatory. Actually all these works were never used during the conflict, but still remained well preserved until the early sixties, only to be gradually abandoned to themselves and partially ruined. We take the path northwards passing the side of the vineyards, we turn to go back to the starting point.