F1 – Ferrara di M.B./Mezzavilla/Campedello

A walk to discover small districts, in the intimacy of mountain life, between tradition and nature. Landscapes between woods and mountain countryside.
Must see
Districts of Mezzavilla, Castello, Campedello, Church of S. Caterina. Views of Monte Baldo and the surrounding valleys.
Maximum altitude: 1056 m
Difference in altitude: 243 metri
Distance: 4 km
Time: Foot: 1 hour
Il Percorso


F1- Ferrara di M.B./


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Departure from Piazza Generale A. Cantore in Ferrara di Monte Baldo and, along the provincial road alongside the hotel del Baldo or along the long staircase of 120 steps, go up to the parish church of S. Caterina VM.


Parish Church of Santa Caterina V.M.

The church of S. Caterina in Ferrara di Montebaldo is documented starting from 1220. Originally a chapel subject to the parish Church of S. Maria in Caprino, in 1338 it was erected as a parish. The current parish church is the result of the expansion works carried out between 1870 and 1890 on a project by the architect Don Angelo Gottardi. The internal elevations are crossed by a double molded frame; the upper sector is decorated with mural paintings by the painter Rino Saoncella, depicting “Stories from the life of Saint Catherine of Alexandria” and “Saint Catherine of Alexandria in glory”. Continuing towards the Cà di Sotto district, you arrive at the Mezzavilla district where, a little apart, you can see the ancient fountain wash house.


Ancient mountain wash house

Cross the district and go up to reach Castello and continue on to the “Strada Graziani” built during the 1915-18 war by General Graziani himself. At the intersection there is a capital built in 1700 and continuing on to the ancient settlement of Campedello which was once the municipal seat before Ferrara itself.



In the center of the district a wash-house fountain was built in the 1960s.

Going down, you find the Graziani road, cross and skirt the “Val dei Coali” where, just before the town, you will find the source and the reservoir of the municipal aqueduct.


Val dei Coali

Finally, crossing the historic center, you arrive at the starting square.