F2 – Novezzina/Gambon/Cerbiolo/Novezza

A circuit in the heart of Hortus Europe with its botanical rarities, which introduces the life of mountain huts and their typical architecture.
Must see
Botanical Garden of Novezzina, Malga Gambon, Malga Prazzagano, Malga Cerbiolo, Malga Novezza and Novezzina.
Maximum altitude: 1426
Difference in altitude: 241 m
Distance: 11,6 km
Time: Feet 4,5 hours - Bike: 2 hours
Il Percorso


F2 Novezzina/Gambon/


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Departure from Novezzina where the Monte Baldo “A.Gelodi” Astronomical Observatory is located, the only public observatory in the province of Verona, it is owned by the Municipality of Ferrara di Monte Baldo and is managed by the Veronesi Astronomical Club.


A. Gelodi

In the immediate vicinity there is the “Refuge” at an altitude of 1235 meters. above sea level and which until the 1960s was used as a forest nursery and is now an accommodation facility with an adjoining botanical garden of about 20,000 square meters. where some hundreds of flowers and herbs from Monte Baldo are visible, which can also be visited by people with disabilities.



Continue on the path towards the Gambon, Prazzagano and Cerbiolo huts until you reach Passo Cerbiolo on the border with Trentino as delimited by the border stones of 1754.


Border stones

Turning left, continue on the path of the malghe passing through the “Corondoler” area and arrive at Passo Campione where water from some springs is collected in a tank and pumped to the reservoir on the Cavallo di Novezza at an altitude of 1450 meters. which can be reached by climbing from Passo Campione. On the Cavallo di Novezza the trenches of the 1st World War are still visible and going down through the pasture you pass near the Chalet Novezza, the church of S. Michele until you reach the long stone wall that delimits the border between the malghe Novezza and Novezzina.


   Church of S. Michele                                                                               Malghe Novezza









A little below you can see the departure of the cableway serving the Telegrafo Refuge on Monte Baldo, then passing in front of the “Cedron” Refuge you return to the starting point.