F4 – Novezza/Trenches

A path that immediately shows the strategic value of Monte Baldo: path on the trenches between ridges and groves.
Must see
The trenches, Cavallo di Novezza, Punta della Redutte, Pian della Cenere, Madonna della Neve, Cima Paloni.
Maximum altitude: 1614 m
Difference in altitude: 279 m
Distance: 7,4 km
Time: Feet: 2 hours
Il Percorso




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Starting from Novezza and following the Graziani road you arrive on the ”Cavallo di Novezza” where on the right you can see the first line of trenches of the great war. Following the directions you will arrive at the place where the kitchen was placed to prepare the troops’ rations and going up you will find the small road that crosses the pine forest in which there are still trenches and some tunnels, finally coming out on “Punta delle Redutte”.






Up there are the boundary stones between Veneto and Trentino made with red marble blocks engraved with the number of the stone and the year 1754 and trenches can still be seen, from which you can see the ”Pian della Cenere” in the valley below. and the ”Madonna della neve”, you go back following the ridge and go back to the upper part of the pine forest.


Pian della Cenere

The route continues following the watershed up to ”Cima Paloni” observing the whole series of trenches, places for heavy weapons and walkways carved into the rock towards the valley. Going down from the top to the pasture you arrive until you find the forest road that reaches the Graziani road and turning right you return to the starting point.