R1 – Rivoli/Montalto/Gaium

Historical itinerary, to discover the medieval origins of the first settlements along the Adige river.
Must see
Church of San Michele Arcangelo of Gaium, Church of San Giovanni Battista of Rivoli Veronese, Croce del Gallo, Adige river.
Maximum altitude 269 m
Difference in altitude: 175 m
Distance: 11,6 km
Time: Foot: 4,5 hours - Bike: 2 hours
Il Percorso





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The route starts from Piazza Busolli next to the church of San Giovanni Battista (originally a chapel subject to the parish church of S. Maria in Caprino and documented starting from 1231.


Church of San Giovanni Battista

In 1539 it is an autonomous parish and the current parish church was built in 1766) there we head south on the paved road that also acts as a cycle path and after a few hundred meters at the beginning of via Vigo we will keep the left to take via Molonara which we will then abandon after a few meters to continue on the cycle path that will cross Corte Rizzoni, to arrive at the junction with via strada della Rocca, here we will turn left and still on the cycle path we will reach the descent with hairpin bends that will take us to cross the Biffis canal.


Biffis canal

Here we will leave the cycle path and turning left we will arrive near a cross also known as the rooster cross, actually one of the most interesting stone crosses, made by Antonio Tinelli, a famous stonecutter from Lubiara (1737-1827).


Rooster cross

Leaving the cross behind us, we will continue north, along the Adige river, on Via della Croce to reach the small church of San Michele Arcangelo in Gaium after a few minutes.


Small church of San Michele Arcangelo in Gaium

It was built in the twelfth century on pre-existing Lombard period, as the toponym of the locality suggests, which derives from the Lombard term “gahagium” which means wood. In truth, the church testifies to several architectural phases and, during the Second World War, it was bombed and partially destroyed. Between 1950 and 1951 the building was renovated by the Verona Superintendency. For the return we will do nothing but retrace the same road in reverse and when you reach the cross turn right to take the cycle path. From here the path goes up among the rocky walls, the groves and the crops until you arrive in via Polveriera in Rivoli V.se, turn right you will reach the starting point.