R2 – Rivoli/Wind Farm

Route of the Mount Mesa Wind Farm. The route crosses the landscapes of Rivoli/Parco Eolico.
Must see
Wind farm, mountain orchids, Morainic Amphitheater, Valdadige and Chiusa.
Maximum altitude: 290 m
Difference in altitude: 123 m
Distance: 4,6 km
Time: Foot: 2 hours
Il Percorso

R2-Rivoli/Parco Eolico



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We start from Piazza Busolli next to the church of San Giovanni Battista and head south, after a few tens of meters we will find ourselves in via Vigo, then take the second street on the left, follow via Molonara and then leave it after a few meters to follow the cycle path that will lead us to cross Corte Rizzoni, one of the several historical courts of Rivoli.


Church of San Giovanni Battista

Then at the crossroads, always keep left on the cycle path for about fifty meters, then turn right and take via Montindon which leads directly onto the path towards the wind farm.


Wind farm

“The plant consisting of 4 wind turbines of 2 MW each for a total of 8 MW of power, was built on Monte Mesa which has the great distinction of still hosting arid meadows rich in wild orchids.


Wild orchids

Particular attention was paid to orchids: not only were the different species mapped, but also all the individual specimens that could have been destroyed by the construction site, with sufficient precision to extract the bulb from the ground during the winter and transplant them outside the area. of construction site before the start of the latter. Specialized technicians then collected the seeds of the protected orchid species, which were then reproduced by the hundreds in the laboratori of the “Parco Barro”, which then took care of the subsequent transplantation inherent in the dry meadows previously deforested and cleaned. Another peculiarity was the sieve and the screening of the ground excavated on site to create runways and pitches, both the vegetal and inert part, which allowed, after the assembly of the wind turbines, to reconstruct not only the morphology of Monte Mesa but also its pedology .” (Source Legambiente). Once under the first altarpiece you can admire a unique panorama of its kind: if we look towards the north / west you can admire the entire Morainic Amphitheater, the Valdadige up to arriving with a look to the east and see the Rocca di Rivoli and the Chiusa.



We continue towards the other blades arrived under the last one descend until we cross the cycle path that will take us back to the center of Rivoli. Once we arrive at the junction with via Corte Rizzoni we keep to the left, cross the road and take via Brol up to the roundabout from here turn right into via Campo sports and in a few meters we arrive at the starting point.