R4 – Rivoli/Morainic Amphitheater

Path to discover the morainic amphitheater of Rivoli Veronese. The route crosses the landscapes of Rivoli/Morainic Amphitheater.
Must see
The Morainic Amphitheater, gate of Villa Tosadori Martinato, the vineyards and the Morainic hills.
Maximum altitude: 273 m
Difference in altitude: 75 m
Distance: 11,5 km
Time: Foot: 3 hour - Bike: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Il Percorso


   R4-Rivoli/Anfiteatro Morenico


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It starts from Piazza Busolli in a northerly direction, passed in front of the church of San Giovanni Battista and arrived at the crossroads, keep left on via Villa where the war memorial is located, continue until you cross the motorway bridge where, on the left, take the cycle path and here you will find the recently restored gate of Villa Tosadori / Martinato, listed by the Regional Institute of Venetian Villas, an example of eighteenth-century architecture.


Church of San Giovanni Battista



After a few hundred meters you cross the provincial road and take Terramatta, just after crossing you can see on the right the capital of San Isidoro agricultural patron together with San Giovanni Battista but much venerated in Rivoli so much so that until a few years ago it was carried in procession through the streets of the hamlets of the town.


Capital of San Isidoro agricultural

We continue on the cycle path to the junction that leads to Affi, turn right where the ancient capital of San Isidoro


Capital of San Isidoro

is located on the old stone wall. Continuing on, you reach Loc. Colletto, cross the main road at the traffic lights and after a few hundred meters you reach Loc.Bezzo. Here, always keeping to the left, you will arrive at Montalto Vicentino, then you will have to turn left onto via Cristane and continue on the main road for a short distance. Near the second bend, go straight on along Via Casetta Cimi, close to the Morainic Amphitheater, cross the forest on the dirt road and, after passing the vineyards, reach Loc. Zovo. Then you begin the descent until you cross via Zuane, turn left and cross the hamlet of Zuane di sopra. After a riding school, turn left and follow the road until you reach Località Martinelli and then when you arrive at the main road, turn left, cross the roundabout and continue to Loc. Villa where we will turn right near a capital of the Madonna di Monte Corona and continuing on via Muretti, once we arrive on the paved road, turn left up to the roundabout, then take Via Campo Sportiva, after a few meters turn right and you are arrived at the starting point.