R5 – Rivoli/Disabled

Path suitable for the handicapped to discover the historic courts.
Must see
Corte Rizzoni, Corte Bramante, Forte di Rivoli «Wolghemuth», Valdadige.
Maximum altitude: 195 m
Difference in altitude: 12 m
Distance: 1,6 km
Time: Feet: 30 min
Il Percorso




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Around Rivoli: route indicated for handicapped people. After parking, head south along via Vigo, immediately turn left into via Molonara here, after a few meters, right on the cycle path, head towards corte Rizzoni, one of the many courtyards that make up the historic core of Rivoli. Continuing along via Corte Rizzoni and upon reaching the main road, cross it to take via Brol then, continue and about a hundred meters before the roundabout, leaving via Brol and turning right for a few meters you can visit Corte Bramante from the 16th century. Return to via Brol, upon reaching the roundabout, cross it and continuing on via Venerque, skirting the modern school for children, you will reach the other roundabout then, keeping to the right, it will take you to the town center and the church alarm.


School for children